Car Manufacturers Exploring New Advertising Outlets

There are already plenty of ways that car manufacturers, especially luxury or high-end manufacturers, try to grab the attention of the consumer, and many of them prove very effective. Entering racing circuits is a great way of raising the profile of your cars, for instance, even if the cars you build for the circuits aren’t available in any dealerships. Product placement is also a big one, especially in films. There are plenty of examples of films and television showing off a car manufacturer’s latest and greatest models in a favourable light, whether it’s the high speed chases of James Bond for Aston Martin or the oozing cool of Miami Vice for Ferrari. Even getting reviews from well-established magazines or TV shows plays a part in this.

Luxury car manufacturers have tended to stay away from the more common forms of advertising, such as billboards and television commercials. They know that their target audience will seek out information on them and that it’s a definite minority of people who can afford their cars. Because of this, they don’t need to seek out methods that broadcast their products to the maximum number of people possible. Instead, they can focus on creating an image and style for their brand and products.

With the rise of internet based advertising, it’s no surprise that the big luxury car manufacturers aren’t seen in banners or adverts plastered across websites, the same way poker sites, travel companies or even snack foods are. Instead, they have continued to create an image and rely on individuals that may be interested seeking them out. Aston Martin, for instance, created a short film featuring one of their cars that tried (and failed) to emulate the cool of a James Bond movie. They didn’t talk about the features of their car, they simply created an image that they hope people want to buy into.

Of course, the biggest feature of the internet is its ability to appeal to mass markets and draw in hundreds of thousands of visitors, millions if something like a short film becomes viral. Perhaps that is why there’s still so much focus on the tried and tested forms of advertising for these luxury car manufacturers; they don’t need numbers, they need style.

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