Car Manufacturers Help Dealers Sell Green Cars

It’s been a problem for as long as environmentally friendly cars have been on the market; how do you get people to actually buy the cars you’re making? It’s all very well producing engines that consume biodiesel or operate on a hybrid system between electricity and petrol, or even electricity and biodiesel, but if nobody is actually buying these cars from the dealerships they’re sold through, you’re not actually doing the environment any good.

This has been a problem particularly for manufacturers selling cars in America, as the American market has been particularly resistant to efficient motors, preferring large gas-guzzlers. Combine this with the way dealers operate, where they only make money if people actually buy cars from them, and customers will only buy the cars they want, which aren’t the energy efficient ones, and you run into a problem.

Dealers have begun to find ways around this though, with a number of initiatives appearing in the last few years. These are all helped by the rise in popularity of greener cars anyway, and the increasing amount of manufacturers that are creating them, but to see the efforts of the manufacturers actually reaching down to the dealerships has been seen as a very good sign.

Car manufacturers are now beginning to offer credit plans and incentives to dealerships so that they can better provide for green cars, which makes them more attractive. They are also making more credit plans available to customers through the dealerships, hoping that this will encourage more people to buy into green cars.

By backing up their technological efforts towards green cars with monetary incentives, it looks like more and more people may find it preferable to buy a more efficient car than the gas guzzling alternatives.

In addition to this, another major hurdle, particularly for electric or biodiesel cars, is a lack of fuel stations that can cater to them. The green car manufacturers are also taking this into account and working to improve the infrastructure for green cars, another step towards increasing the popularity of green cars.

Often, top-down schemes like this come from the government, who will subsidise people to have their homes made more energy efficient, but now that governments worldwide are pressuring automotive manufacturers to cut back on how much pollution they produce, schemes like these may become much more common.

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