Car Manufacturers – Focusing on Indian Markets

Car lovers across the country are going to enjoy good time in the near future. Many world-class car manufacturers are turning their focus towards India. India has become the major target for many reputed car manufacturers of the world as the hottest destination. This has brought with it a range of options for car loving people in India.

This article delves deeply into the present state and future scope of the automotive industry and the car manufacturers in India. Complete with all the factors for the healthy and steady growth of car manufacturing, India attracts a number of reputed car manufacturers of the world. To name a few, the list of car manufacturers includes big players in the industry, such as Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Suzuki, Skoda, Mitsubishi, General Motors, Fiat, BMW, Renault, any many more. The list is increasing everyday. In association, domestic car manufacturers such as TATA, Maruti, Hindustan Motors, and Mahindra & Mahindra are also doing commendably good in offering some of the best models of cars with improved efficiency.

Ford India Private Ltd is the Indian subsidiary of the famous American car manufacturer Ford Motor Company. The company entered the country in 1988. The initial launch of the company was Ford Escort. Ford icon has been the most successful launch of the company in India so far. The other successful cars introduced by the company are Ford Fusion, Ford Endeavor, ford Fiesta, and Ford Mondeo.

General Motors India, the India subsidiary of the American car manufacturing giant General Motors, (GM). General Motors India has captured a significant part of the Indian car market. The company has introduced some of the luxury and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) in India. Some of the most reputed brands of cars launched by the company includes; Chevrolet Optra, Chevrolet Tavera (MUV), Chevrolet Spark and Chevrolet UVA.

Fiat is another well known name in India. Fiat has offered some of the best cars, which are better known for their power and efficiency. The Italian car manufacturer brought into India, famous cars such as Fiat Uno, Fiat Palio, Fiat Petra, and Fiat Sienna, and Fiat Adventure.

These are a few lines picked up from the long list of car manufacturers in India. Hyundai Motors India Limited, Honda Motors, BMW India, and domestic car manufacturing giants, such as TATA, Maruti Udyog Limited, Hindustan Motors, and Mahindra & Mahindra have earned remarkable names and fame as prestigious car manufacturers.

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Mazda – The Car Manufacturer

Mazda, the Japan based car manufacturer, now boasts of the greatest car in the world – the Mazda 2. This particular model also won the prestigious World Car of the Year title for the year 2008. So where is this Mazda Corp located? What is it into? Let’s find out!

Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese auto-manufacturer based in Hiroshima, Japan. What started as a machine tool manufacturing company turned into vehicle manufacturer with the introduction of Mazda-GO in 1931. It is a pioneer in the development of the rotary engine and its vehicles are famed for their power and light weight. The R100 and the famed RX series made Mazda very successful in the North American market in the 70s.

Lay backs
But the 1973 oil crisis affected its sales very badly because of the high fuel consumption of the rotary engines as opposed to piston engines. Then, Mazda entered into a partnership with Ford Motor Company. Now, everyone remembers the Explorer model from Ford that was the best selling sports utility vehicle in the United States. Well, Mazda helped Ford develop it. And then there was Mazda Roadster, the car credited to have not just revived the interest in small racing cars but also emboldened other manufacturers.

And how did this Mazda 2 come about? Ford approached Mazda to prepare a B-segment small car. That led to the development of Mazda Demio. The third generation Demio is the one that has bagged the World Car of the Year title. It just goes to show that this lightweight car can pack a heavyweight punch on the global stage.
Hope this car maker with its “emotion in motion” has some more tricks up its sleeve!

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